I’ll Teach You How To Get In Shape & Go Through Life Feeling GREAT!

Healthy Lifestyle Advocate 🌱💪
Hybrid Athlete 🏃🏋️
Weightlifting & Endurance Running

Blogger, Freelance Copywriter, and Startup Junky

Founder, CEO of VTLZR - a community of hybrid athletes

Hi, I'm  Derek Morgen

Philosophy & Values

My goals are simple.

Provide immense value. Help others grow their business and individually.

I'm dedicated to helping people reach their full potential.

Growing a business or individual requires a solid foundation of trust, integrity, and respect.

That's why I provide honest, genuine professional assistance with real results.

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With skills in a variety of sales and marketing areas, I can take on a wide variety of challenges, assess the situation, and recommend or implement strategies to improve.

Copywriting & Design

As a freelancer and digital marketer I've become a professional blogger & copywriter for SaaS leaders like Setuply, QoreAI, Recapped, and others.

Sales & Marketing

As a 5-year founding member & Cofounder of an early-stage startup, I've tested high-performing strategies & tools to quickly improve sales & marketing efforts.

Web Development

Running my own branding and marketing agency, I've gained managed projects surrounding the development of websites, web-apps, and mobile apps, and created a sound network of developers and designers.

Lead Generation

Setting up automated cadences, personalized campaigns, & generating targeted lists of prospects is something I've become skilled in while working with various early-stage startups.

What Clients Say About Derek

Derek is a phenomenal writer who consistently surpasses our expectations. With a remarkable ability to turn blogs around before deadlines, he offers flexibility and speedy adaptability, capturing our brand's tone and audience perfectly. Derek's pitch of original and thoughtful ideas has revitalized our content strategy, and his talent and professionalism make him an invaluable asset to any team lucky enough to work with him.
Joelle Fredman
Content Manager, Ripplematch
Freelance Copywriting

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As the co-founder and sales and marketing lead at Growtoro, I designed the website and worked with my network of developers to deliver the website in less than 2 months.

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